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South Africa Team

To accomplish our efforts to bring peace and hope in Richmond, we rely on a very special team of local citizens and volunteers. Here are some of our team members and what they do to support Hope in Richmond.
  • Estelle Jacobs

    Estelle Jacobs

    Director of GR HISA - RSA side

    Role: Coordinating FAS campaign in Colesberg, Richmond and De Aar, staff development at project in Richmond " B+, Not my blood group, neither my grade in Maths. It's my favorite quote. Be Positive"

  • Bianca Adams

    Bianca Adams


    Bianca works with liaisons in the U.S. and with local organizations in South Africa to design and implement our program in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention for Richmond and communities in the Northern Cape. She makes regular visits to the local community and the squatters’ camp to inform and teach about FAS, and she has begun a women’s support group for women in Richmond who are trying to refrain from alcohol while pregnant.

  • Pieter Bruintjies

    Pieter Bruintjies

    Soup Kitchen Coordinator

    As the Soup Kitchen Coordinator, Pieter is responsible for overseeing the functioning of the Community Garden, Bakery, and Soup Kitchen. He helps determine what vegetables to grow, oversees the harvest and storage of these vegetables, and helps develop healthy menus for the Soup Kitchen that utilize vegetables from the garden and freshly baked bread. In addition, Pieter is also responsible for ordering supplies, monitoring expenses, and maintaining the overall cleanliness and safety in the kitchen and bakery.

  • Ancholize De Vos

    Ancholize De Vos

    Coach, Girls' Club Leader

    Ancholize is the leader of the Girls Club and plans weekly events for the Club. Ancholize aims to find a balance between community service, technology, and craft activities that will keep the girls excited to come to the Club. In addition to these activities, Ancholize uses her training in Grassroot Soccer to incorporate different HIV/AIDS and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome activities into the Club meetings.

  • Ovetin Ferris

    Ovetin Ferris


    Ova is the manager of the RCC and the liaison between the US, Richmond and all surrounding towns. Have any questions? Just ask Ova. Ova earned his matrix back in 2005 at Richmond High School; he further went on to study Marketing Management at Graaff Reinet at East Cape Midlands College in 2006. Ova returned in 2008 and joined the first ever GRS training. A year later he was voted manager for the outreach program. Ova is currently working on his Degree in Education with the financial assistance of the Hope in South Africa Board. Ova speaks Afrikaans, English. He is a proud father of two and mentor to his entire community.

  • Stacey Mara

    Stacey Mara

    Coach, Computer Lab and Grassroot Soccer

    Stacey is our only female Grassroots Soccer coach currently in Richmond. Stacey earned her Matrix in 2009 and now gives back to her community by teaching life-saving HIV education. She also works with the HISA participants to introduce them to technology and help them develop computing skills. She also does outreach work in the community in an attempt to meet the same outcomes with adults who want to develop technology skills.

  • Desere Coenraad

    Desere Coenraad

    Music Coordinator

    Desere runs daily music classes which include singing and dance instruction. She has recently started a successful recorder program with hopes to expand as the Richmond Community Center acquires more instruments. Her beautiful voice and enthusiastic leadership have made the music classes very popular and the children often perform locally and at the center. Desere divides her time between the center and her young son.