Our primary focus is to educate the youth in the Karoo about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, FAS. HISA partners with established organizations in this massive educational effort.

Grassroot Soccer,, is our major partner in the fight to build awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. In respect to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder we are partnering with FARR, Foundation for Alcohol Related Research,, and FASfact,

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) HIV Prevention

Grassroot Soccer's ( innovative approach to fighting HIV uses soccer as the vehicle to engage children, and at the same time, provides education on life skills and healthy behavior.


  1. Educating all youth grades 7-12 in the GRS Skillz curriculum
  2. Expanding the GRS Skillz curriculum, with Rotary support, to the youth of Colesberg and De Aar
  3. Training local youth leaders to be GRS coaches in Richmond, Colesberg and De Aar
  4. Encouraging teachers to use the GRS Skillz curriculum in their classrooms
  5. Sponsoring World AIDS Day activities
  6. Conducting HIV testing and counseling
  7. Providing housing and transportation for GRS volunteers

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, FAS, also referred to as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is a acute problem in this region of South Africa. Over 15% of children entering elementary school throughout the region are suffering from FAS or permanent brain damage. HISA has concentrated its efforts together with our Rotary partners to build awareness among the youth to the acute dangers of drinking during pregnancy.


  1. Creating 3 phase plan to build Community Awareness in collaboration with Rotary
  2. Training 30 community leaders in FAS education and awareness
  3. Establishing local FAS outreach teams in Richmond, Colesberg, and DeAar
  4. Organizing FAS awareness efforts in each community.
  5. Developing FAS awareness implementation strategy individualized for each community
  6. Implementing FAS awareness efforts among local farm workers
  7. Conducting FAS awareness presentations in the local middle and high schools

Read the Updated Work Plan for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders & Prevention in the Karoo

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