The hub for our efforts in the Karoo region is the Richmond Community Center. The Community Center houses a soup kitchen, a children's library, recreational facilities and our health and education offices. From this hub, our dedicated staff orchestrate outreach efforts to the youth in the local community and in the neighboring communities. Our efforts in Richmond and around the Karoo convey community pride and respect for all.


  1. Creating a library, media room and training center that engage youth in reading, movies, art and recreational programs.
  2. Transforming an empty, unkempt space into a soup kitchen that provides daily nutritious meals for over 150 youth.
  3. Developing a garden that produces potatoes, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables for soup kitchen meals.
  4. Building a playground for outside recreation.
  5. Creating office spaces for HIV and GRS staff.
  6. Renovating bathrooms to improve sanitation.
  7. Installing a hand washing station to promote healthy habits.
  8. Renovating soccer field and stands to facilitate soccer tournaments and GRS activities.
  9. Removing trash and debris throughout the grounds.