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Update: Tri-ing for Hope

image002.jpgHello Everyone, 

I just wanted to send a thank you and an update on the race. I completed my first half ironman [in May] in Spotsylvania, VA. Through Crowdrise I raised $5,750 and was handed another $50 in cash donations for a total of $5,800. Through Crowdrise, Facebook, Instagram and word of mouth, I was able to reach my goal and then some. Please continue reading if you want a little taste of the day and race. It was quite an experience. 

My day started with a 4am wake up call on Saturday. My families planes were all canceled due to weather in Chicago so I was pretty bummed and stressed out the night before the race. No rerouting would get them to the race on time. 

The race started at 7am but my assigned pink group (88 females age 38 and below) hit the water at 7:12am. Swim was terrible with my goggles leaking the entire time. I almost raised my hand to quit but knew I had to continue for all those who had supported me in this quest. I was shooting for 45 minutes and after I hit the first buoy I kissed that goodbye. The swim is such a mental game and it was a tough feeling to be so frustrated so early in the race. When I emerged out of the water, my husband had surprised me with a group of friends and his family who took the place of my missing family. They were the best cheering squad with matching t-shirts, signs and encouragement throughout the entire race. 

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Into my first transition, I looked at my watch and saw my swim took 47 minutes. Not sure what happened but after the first turn, I turned on the jets and made up the time from my goggle debacle. Bike was pretty good. We had perfect weather around 82 with cloud cover and a misting in the morning hours. The Lake Anna area was beautiful to ride through that once I almost crashed because I veered off the road while admiring the scenery. I ended up finishing the bike just over 3 hour, 3:07:00. I started the run 4 hours and 2 minutes into the race. This is when I realized not only would I beat my 7 hour goal but I would most likely finish under 6 hours. My official time posted was 5:58:24, under 6 was a huge surprise. I finished 11th in my age group. My fans were so great that people were asking them what I did to get them there. Team Beth would tell them about the organization and why I decided to have my first ever triathlon as a half-ironman. 

Thank you for all the support. 

Many Thanks,