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Meet Gershwin Adams

Gershwin.jpgMy name is Gershwin Adams. I grew up here in South Africa, the Northern Cape province, in my hometown Richmond. I started my school career here in Richmond N.C at Bennie Groene Wald primary school.

I started my high school career in 2002 at Richmond High School, where I finished my Grade 12 in 2006. In 2007, I went to the Western Cape to work at the Shoprite warehouse in the export division for 4 months. It was dangerous for someone who doesn’t know the area, so I had to return to Richmond N.C. to the girl I have met in 2002 and share a child with, Sumone Saunders.

I then started working at the Richmond N.C SA police department in 2009 for two years as a reservist. I have also worked for road works, the Department of Social Services as a community home based care worker, the Ikhaya Senior Primary School as a substitute teacher, and community home based care in hospice. Then, I got the job here at Hope in South Africa. This is where I am working now, as a Deputy Director.